Guest House

Women’s Winter Alumnae Retreat


Month & Year: Jan 2022

Day(s): 13-15

Virtual Event

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Retreat Leader

Avis Clendenen

Avis is delighted and honored to return for her 5th time designing and facilitating an ICAP/Guest House retreat.  She has been engaged in routes to recovery from alcoholism for 41 years and the spiritual roots that make all the difference.  After concluding more than four decades in theological education 2018, Avis is now the Coordinator for Liturgical and Spiritual Services at Mercy Circle in Chicago, a continuing care retirement community were 75% of the residents are women religious.  In addition, Avis designs and facilitates days of reflection and retreats that integrate psycho-spiritual insights with the arts.

“Routes to Roots in Recovery” is a creative 12-Step retreat—a montage of stories, memoir, practical routes, and spiritual roots that nourish and challenge us as we take our steps in recovery. These sacred hours will include visual reflections, music, poetry, insights from depth psychology and our personal willingness to realize that the Power working within us can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).

Guest House offers retreats periodically throughout the year as support for clergy and men and women religious in recovery from a variety of addictive disorders. This particular retreat is offered for our alumnae women religious as well as sisters who came to recovery through other treatment centers or entered recovery on their own.

The Inter-Congregational Addictions Program, ICAP, is the network of sisters recovering by working programs based on the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. The purpose of ICAP is to enhance the recovery program of sisters by helping them to network, connect, access and affiliate with other sisters using 12-Step recovery. ICAP can be contacted at 773-852-3608.

Registration Fee: There is no cost to you to attend this retreat due to the generosity of Guest House, our benefactors and the ICAP organization. Happy New Year and enjoy this gift as you continue on your recovery journey.



Thursday, January 13, 2022

12:00pm   Introductions & Overview of the Schedule

12:15pm   “We were made for this time: God’s loving design in our lives”

1 :00pm   Break Out Groups

1 :45pm   Closing Meditation: “The Rainmaker”

4:00pm   Presentation & Discussion: “Encountering the Higher Power: Discerning the spirits”

4:45pm   Break Out Groups

5:15pm    Large Group Sharing & Closing Meditation: “The Encounter”

Friday, January 14, 2022

12:00pm   Presentation & Discussion: “Learning to sit on the rim of grief: Solace, soulfulness and serenity”

12:45pm   Break Out Groups

1:15pm   Shared Conversation & Closing Meditation: “A soulful antiphon”

4:00pm   Presentation & Discussion:
“Who’s at the door: What does the fable
“Three Little Pigs’ have to do with recovery?”

4:45pm   Large Group Sharing & Closing Meditation: ” I am standing waiting at your door”

5:15pm   AA Meeting

Saturday, January 15, 2022

12:00pm   Presentation & Discussion: “The ‘Bent Over Woman’ in all of us (Luke 13:10-17)”

12:45pm   Break Out Groups

1:15pm   Shared Conversation & Closing Meditation: “You raise me up”

4:00pm   Concluding Presentation: “Biblical Sarah: Her laughs are for those who hold on yet get out of the way, giving up only to God, who is the ever Surprise”

4:45pm   Shared Closing Conversation & Blessing Forth: “Everyday God”