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Continuing Care

Continuing Care & recovery

Our care for guests extends beyond our campus.

A sustainable recovery plan is vital to success. The work of recovery begins in earnest when the client leaves our residential treatment. That’s where continuing care comes in. The return to life in ministry can be overwhelming, especially early in recovery. The Guest House plan offers a phased approach designed to reinforce the application of the clients’ learned skills and healthy habits in their daily life. The continuing care program encompasses both formal and informal interventions, opportunities to engage in ongoing didactic discussion groups with religious peers, as well as one-to-one counseling. Continuing care provides a way for those in recovery to share their challenges, as well as their successes along the way. Through planned, ongoing support, we offer encouragement for those who are in recovery and the opportunity to maintain steady progress and spiritual growth. And we can assure the leaders of the communities our clients are returning to that they will be supported by a thoughtful continuum of care.

our philosophy

Ongoing care means surrounding those in recovery with support:

  • Re-entry visit in which the client, joined by their continuing care coordinator and recovery support team, makes a scheduled visit with members of their parish or religious community. This visit is designed to assist with a smooth transition in returning to ministry.
  • Detailed continuing care treatment plan to be initiated when the client leaves Guest House.
  • Continuing care at regular intervals, extending over a five-year period following residential treatment, to reinforce the practice of learned skills in daily life.
  • An alumnae/alumni network of clients who are in recovery from a variety of addictive disorders who gather for retreats/seminars to support and celebrate in fellowship their continuing recovery.

Holistic healing that unfolds
over time.

The Guest House campus is organized and staffed to provide a holistic approach to healing. We provide separate facilities for men and women in which they can recover while in the fellowship of fellow Catholic clergy, men and women religious, and seminarians. Our trauma-informed approach empowers our clients to mindfully address substance use disorders, cluttering and hoarding, overspending, compulsive overeating, and other behavioral health challenges. Our therapists, medical/nursing staff, and registered dietitian nutritionist collaborate on a wellness plan that includes physical, psychological, psychosocial, and spiritual, components; exercise and nutrition are critical elements. A plan for continuing care and immersion in a network of Guest House alumni and alumnae help support and celebrate their continued recovery.

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We welcome our clergy and religious in their search for recovery and are committed to walking beside them along their journey to finding peace and wellbeing.