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Matthew 3: 1 – 12                

II Advent

John the Baptist announces the coming of Jesus with his entire being. Even from the womb, John points to Jesus. John’s greatness is rooted in his compete devotion to Jesus rather than himself. What do my words and deeds announce? To whom do I point with my life? Do others think of Jesus when they encounter me?

O Holy Spirit, may I be granted an undivided heart. May my spirit inspire complete devotion to Jesus.

Let us pray for Peace in our world.

Matthew 9: 35 -10                  

Jesus begins his ministry on earth among familiar surroundings and then He expands reach to those outside His community. This gradual expansion shows forth the universal mission and ministry of Jesus. God’s Love is for everyone. This is at the heart of the Good News that Jesus comes for us all.

O gracious God, may I see the broad expanse of Your love. Your love is for everyone and for each part of us all.

Let us pray for Peace in our world.

Matthew 9: 27 – 31          

When Jesus heals the two blind men, He tells them that their Faith has healed them. He expresses divine power in service. Our Faith leads us to serve others and to participate in the mystery of God’s love. Those who are surprised by the authority of Jesus often are expecting God to appear in a more magnificent way. God comes to each of us in quiet ways every day.

Dear Jesus, may I hear You in the whisper of simple acts of love. May Your Spirit inspire me to serve others in Your Name today.

Let us pray for Peace in our world.

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