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John 1: 47 – 51    

Angels are gifted communicators of God’s plan. As we celebrate the gift of God’s plan today, we are called to listen for the whispers of the angels.

Archangels have a particular mission. In this, they are an example that God has a plan and a role for each of us in it.

Dear God, may I listen for the angels today. May I be inspired by the mission and fidelity of the archangels.

Let us pray for Peace in our world.

Luke 9: 57 – 62       

The requirements for following Jesus are total self-giving and surrender. Fulfilling the call of discipleship is a lifelong journey for everyone who says yes to God.

Am I patient with myself? Do I leave room to grow and still challenge myself to do so?

O Holy Spirit, may I be inspired today to hear the call of Jesus and to say yes to Him today. May I be granted an open and strong heart.

Let us pray for Peace in our world.

Vincent De Paul

Luke 9: 51 – 56             

St. Ambrose teaches that perfect virtue leaves no desire for vengeance and that true charity leaves no room for anger. The Samaritans refused to receive Jesus because they bore vengeance and anger in their heart.

What obstacles keep me separated from God? Do I bear anyone vengeance? Am I angry at anyone?

O gracious God, may I be set free from anger and vengeance. May I be liberated to love God as fully as I am loved by God.

Let us pray for Peace in our world.

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