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This present moment is so precious.  It is where I consistently experience God’s Healing Presence and uplifting Love.  When I start the day with this attitude, I realize that God is the ETERNAL NOW, always loving me, guiding me and healing me.  MY HELP SHALL COME FROM THE LORD WHO MADE HEAVEN AND EARTH.

The experience of God is  happening at every moment of my life.  When I gently embrace this present moment, I feel God’s loving presence and I don’t have to rush anywhere.  Then each moment becomes a Sacred Walk with God who lovingly accompany me  throughout this day.  SO TRUE. SO AMAZING.  SO PRECIOUS.  Yes, again, IN GOD MY SOUL IS AT REST.

Suffering and pain, well embraced, open my heart and mind to a deeper connection with God.  I turn toward God in a humble and needy manner.  I become more receptive to God’s Love and God’s Healing Presence.  And in this humble embrace, I experience God and meaning of discovering God’s  LOVE in this present moment.  IN GOD ALONE IS MY SOUL AT REST.  WHERE THERE IS LOVE, THERE GOD IS PRESENT.

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