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Colleen Richards

Guest House Alumni Network is Valuable

Each year, Guest House plans several seminars, workshops and retreats to support clergy and religious in recovery from a variety of addictive disorders. The events are designed as an opportunity to celebrate recovery through the sharing of experience, strength and hope by our retreat leaders and all those participating in the event. Fellowship is key, and time includes presentations, discussion, prayer and rest.

Our events are offered to Guest House alumni and also to other clergy and religious who came to recovery through other treatment centers or entered recovery on their own.

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“It was reassuring to hear of God’s presence in the midst of chaos today. Many if not all of us in recovery have been in this same place and have found our only hope to be in the program. This program is grounded in spirituality and contributes greatly to our recovery and renewal of our own spiritual lives as well as it rescued us from our addictive behavior.”

Fr. Larry


Guest House Alumni Resources

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For questions regarding upcoming Guest House event or the Guest House ring, contact Colleen Richards at 800-626-6910, x1207, direct line 248-877-3994 or