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Celebrate recovery through the sharing of experience, strength and hope

Each year, Guest House plans several seminars, workshops, and retreats to support clergy and religious recovery from various addictive disorders. The events are designed as an opportunity to celebrate recovery through the sharing of experience, strength, and hope by our retreat leaders and all those participating in the event. Fellowship is critical, and time includes presentations, discussion, prayer, and rest.

Our events are offered to Guest House alumni and other clergy and religious who came to recovery through other treatment centers or entered recovery on their own.


What is NCCA

Over 70 years ago, the National Catholic Council on Addiction (NCCA) was formed to bring a message of healing and hope to addicted persons and those who love them. Affiliated with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the NCCA is committed to assisting its members to a greater awareness and acceptance of alcoholism, other chemical addictions, and prevention issues. With the support of Guest House, the NCCA is announcing a new initiative that seeks to connect people with existing resources in order to help bring healing and recovery to more people struggling with addictions.

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Celebrate in fellowship
the gift of recovery

Guest House offers retreats periodically throughout the year to support women religious in recovery from various addictive disorders. These retreats are offered for our alumnae women religious and sisters who came to recovery through other treatment centers or entered recovery on their own. These retreats are designed as an opportunity to reflect and to celebrate in fellowship with other recovering sisters the gift of recovery.

Each retreat theme/topic is focused on subjects important to persons in recovery. They also allow for 12-Step meetings among the attendees, rest, relaxation, and prayer.

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Father John Regan is a priest of the Diocese of Joliet, ordained in 1989. For four years he served as a parochial vicar and then for thirteen years as the diocesan vocation director before becoming a pastor in 2006. He was removed from ministry in 2008 to deal with a gambling addiction and face criminal prosecution for theft from his parish. He was a resident for many months at the Guest House program that was affiliated with St. John Vianney Center in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.


Jan 2022

Retreat Leader Avis Clendenen Avis is delighted and honored to return for her 5th time designing and facilitating an ICAP/Guest House retreat. She has been engaged in routes to recovery from alcoholism for 41 years and the spiritual roots that make all the difference. After concluding more than four decades in theological education 2018, Avis is now the Coordinator for Liturgical and Spiritual Services at Mercy Circle in Chicago, a continuing care retirement community were 75% of the residents are women religious. In addition, Avis designs and facilitates days of reflection and retreats that integrate psycho-spiritual insights with the arts.


Jan 2022


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We welcome our clergy and religious in their search for recovery and are committed to walking beside them along their journey to finding peace and wellbeing.