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Healing begins with understanding and learning to grow stronger together.

As a part of our mission, Guest House offers a variety of educational workshops and other services for leadership and community members:

Regional Days of Reflection

Health and wellness retreat days offered regionally to all Catholic clergy and religious

Leadership Conference

This event is offered annually for diocesan and religious community leadership and other individuals who advocate for the well-being of clergy and religious. The conference curriculum addresses many forms of addiction and explores how they can impact clergy and religious. The focus of these presentations is on topics of greatest interest to those most likely to advocate for those mired in addiction. This includes: intervention, treatment, the ongoing-care process, and the role leadership plays in addressing these issues with those in their diocese and religious communities.

Walking With the Wounded

A complimentary three-day workshop offered to council members, Vicars for clergy, formation personnel, healthcare and other leadership personnel that promotes knowledge and understanding of addiction and compulsive behavior in clergy and religious and teaches skills for helping those in their diocese or religious community who may be suffering in such a situation.

Also, upon request from dioceses and religious communities, we offer consultations, workshops and retreats, convocations, clergy study days and seminary presentations. These will be customized to your audience needs, with appropriate Guest House presenters bringing the wealth of their experience and training to address the issues that are most relevant to you. While these are traditionally presented in-person, we can accommodate all requests for virtual, streaming workshops if requested.

Presentation topics include but are not limited to following subject areas:

  • Addiction and Risk Management – An Overview of Addictive Disorders
  • Addiction and Trauma – Explore the Relationship of Addiction and Personal Trauma
  • The Impact of Addictions on Spirituality
  • The Evaluation and Treatment Process
  • The Role of Leadership in the Treatment Process

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