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What is NCCA

Over 70 years ago, the National Catholic Council on Addiction (NCCA) was formed to bring a message of healing and hope to addicted persons and those who love them. Affiliated with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the NCCA is committed to assisting its members to greater awareness and acceptance of alcoholism, other chemical addictions, and prevention issues. With the support of Guest House, the NCCA is announcing a new initiative that seeks to connect people with existing resources to help bring healing and recovery to more people struggling with addictions.

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extending our reach

the NCCA legacy expands
the Guest House mission

While the NCCA embraces the 12-Steps of recovery, they gratefully acknowledge that healing is ultimately spiritual and comes with a connection to God. In this sense, the NCCA legacy expands the Guest House mission by extending its reach beyond ordained clergy and religious to the Catholic lay community. We seek advocates for this vital work; you are invited to join NCCA in this endeavor.

building awareness

Educating the lay community
about the nature of addiction

what can you do

Actively participate and
spread the word.

  • We welcome your prayers.
  • Become a member of the NCCA (as an individual or as a representative of your parish) and actively participate in our work.
  • Spread the word that resources exist and are available for free through our website. Please share this link with any individuals you know who need support and post it on your social media accounts as you deem appropriate.
  • The website info is a primary source of shared, carefully curated information that we support. It includes videos, podcasts and vital links to info you can use now to learn about everything from insurance issues to helping the young children of addicts.
  • We seek testimonials and personal stories from those in recovery (or those supporting people in recovery) who can offer insight and encouragement to those still struggling. If you have a story to share, please sign up to be on our contact list. (below)

If you have a story to share, please sign up to be on our contact list.

Sign up here for more information on this NCCA project as it develops and to learn how you can be an advocate as we share recovery resources with your parish council, religious education program, or other Catholic community initiative.

Please add me to your NCCA/Guest House contact list so that I can advocate for this cause.