“The place where they were gathered shook as they prayed.  They were filled with the Holy Spirit and continued to speak God’s word with boldness.”   Acts 4:31

We witness in this second week after Easter the action of the Holy Spirit in those men and women who were so filled with fear after the death of Jesus.  They gathered behind locked doors for fear of their lives.  Then with the appearance of Jesus risen from the dead in their very midst, they exploded with joy.

In a very similar way, those of us in AA gather together, usually in secret.  The newcomer is scared and confused.  We do our best to make that person the center of our attention and offer simple suggestions to that person – hoping they will take root.  Our spirit—and we can rightly call this the Holy Spirit—speaks through us to that person.  This spirit enfolds the newcomer and produces a seed of hope for recovery.  What a blessing this is for that person and, indeed, what a blessing this is for all of us in recovery.  Another person is brought forth from the tomb of gloom and lifted into the light of God’s grace.

Prayer:   Lord Jesus help me to carry your Holy Spirit into the suffering life of another alcoholic.  Use me to carry your message and to give new life to that person this very day.