“The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us (literally, pitched his tent among us).”
Prologue to St. John’s Gospel.

Imagine God taking on human flesh and living with us. As inconceivable as that thought is, that is precisely what God did. He pitched his tent among us and dwells in our human heart just as surely today as He did in Bethlehem centuries ago. As we celebrate His birth anew in our heart this Christmas, we should be quiet and let His presence filter into our entire being.

For those of us in recovery, this is a time to be still and realize what a gift we have been given. There should be no doubt in our mind that we have been saved from the ravages of alcoholism. Were we still active in our addiction, we would not be celebrating Christmas this year. Let us then thank our God for becoming one of us to show us the way to live.

May The Lord grant each of us a new joy in living this Christmas!