By Mary Ellen Merrick, IHM, D. Min., MAC
Executive Director, Guest House Women’s Treatment Program

My community has a publication that we make available several times a year and it usually has articles centering on a theme.  A few issues back, the theme was “Celebrate” and I was asked to write an article about celebrating sobriety.  I took the letters of the word SOBRIETY and said the following about each letter.

S  –  for many people sobriety is a SECOND chance to fulfill a covenant between a God who loves unconditionally and a humanchild who comes to understand that truth in a deeper way.

O  – for the OPPORTUNITIES to be a genuine service to other people who are also in need of understanding and compassion.

B  –  for the ability to understand what BALANCE means in the daily living out of one’s life.  It includes leisure and prayer.

R  –  for the desire to be in RIGHT RELATIONSHIP with oneself, others and the God of my understanding.  This may necessitate learning skills that will enhance communication.

I  –   for the effort to become a person of INTEGRITY.  Does the inside match the outside when I am alone and when I am with others? Who gives me feedback about myself?

E  –  for the EFFORT that is the foundational in order to do the daily work of remaining sober.

T  –  for the TRUST that is needed to sustain a program of recovery.

Y  –  for the YES to believe in the possibility of continuing sobriety and to accept it as a gift.