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Alumni Stories of Hope and Healing

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Archbishop Joseph Tobin reflects on why Guest House is by far the best addiction treatment for clergy and men and women religious.

In this video a Catholic Priest with extensive Behavioral Health professional training talks about his very first drink as a young man, his early alcohol use, alcohol abuse and progression into full blown alcoholism.

Sr. Jean reflects on her Catholic upbringing and how religion was the dominant factor in her life.

Father Joseph, a Canadian Priest in recovery, helps others to recover and stay sober.

About Guest House

Our Mission is to provide the information, education, treatment and care needed to assure that clergy, men and women religious, and seminarians suffering from alcoholism, addictions and other behavioral health conditions have the best opportunity for quality recovery and overall health and wellness.”

Guest House has been fulfilling this mission since 1956. Since that time Guest House has treated more than 8,000 Catholic priests, deacons, seminarians and men & women religious.

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Guest House Daily Reflection

In order to be thankful, I ask myself, what must I do? First, I have to prayerfully reflect on my life and living of this past year and discern what gifts I have received. This exercise is really more than the daily practice of the tenth step of AA. It is an examination of conscience, descending from the general mode of conduct in human affairs to the particular events and relationships in my life.

First of all, I realize that, in order to be thankful, I must come before my God in a humble stance, asking to see myself as He sees me. This grace fervently desired and asked for, will not be withheld from me. But am I willing to accept it, I ask myself? I know that I cannot be thankful if somehow I feel inadequate. Therefore I must accept myself as I am and start from that point.

As a recovering alcoholic, for me it is best to have set some standard with which to measure my conduct and relationships. So, for this year, I am using the following measurement:

  • Do I have an increased acceptance of responsibility for my own actions?
  • Is there a decreased incidence of arguing?
  • Is there an increase in overt signs of gratitude each day?
  • Is there an improved sense of humor?
  • Is there a growing desire within me to reach out and  help other people?

This exercise can be both humbling and truly sobering. It has the possibility of providing a way to further growth in the Spirit as well as providing more happiness in my life. I do not take it lightly, nor can I expect perfection. But this is enough to truly celebrate Thanksgiving 2014.

Lord God, full of love and grace,

You have encountered us in Your Son, Jesus,

And filled us with Your life through the Holy Spirit.

Thank you, Lord, for inviting me on

The Journey of Recovery.

Thank you for the ways You have been part of my life,

In times of solace and in times of stress.

Thank you for the growth I have felt in my relationship

With You Jesus and the Spirit.

Grant me the grace to continue on my

Journey of Recovery.

Grant me the strength to invite others

To take The Journey of Recovery.

Renew my personal experience of you, Jesus.

Empower me to share Your love in the Spirit

With all I meet on my journey.



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Guest House Staff Attends the USCCB Annual Conference

Guest House Staff Attends the USCCB Annual Conference

Myself , Fr. Don Hummel on the Advisory Board of Guest House and Terry Sullivan were blessed to spend two days at the recent USCCB Annual Meeting in Baltimore.  It was a fantastic experience being with so many Bishops, Archbishops, and Cardinals of the American Church.  On Wednesday I had the opportunity to speak to the entire group at the luncheon where I shared a bit about the life saving addiction recovery work Guest House is doing every single day with clergy and men and women religious.

I was introduced by Archbishop Vigneron of Detroit who is a huge advocate of Guest House.  I was also able to share some details of the recent move of the men from the Rochester campus, which happened yesterday and today to the newly renovated building here in Lake Orion.  These are exciting times for Guest house as we are combining staffs and campuses to serve men and women on one campus but in two different buildings.  We are hoping to also become a true clinical research addiction program with solid data gathering to prevent addictions of very kind in the future.  Research into clergy and religious will also be at the forefront of the New Guest House Institute.  We were able to tell them that several seminaries and dioceses are allowing us to pilot several research initiatives on affective maturity, health, holiness and wellness.

I was also able to tell over 220 Bishops, Archbishops and Cardinals in attendance at this lunch about the recent re-launch of Human Development Magazine.  We have sent this out to over 16,000 religious leaders thought the globe! The initial reviews of the new edition is off the charts!  One bishop said, ” I was so grateful for what you all did, I could not stop reading it.” It was great to share the good news about Guest House, Human Development Magazine and the new Guest House Institute.

Rev. Gerard J. McGlone, S.J., Ph.D, Executive Director of The Guest House Institute and Executive Editor of Human Development Magazine


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