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Archbishop Joseph Tobin reflects on why Guest House is by far the best addiction treatment for clergy and men and women religious.

In this video a Catholic Priest with extensive Behavioral Health professional training talks about his very first drink as a young man, his early alcohol use, alcohol abuse and progression into full blown alcoholism.

Sr. Jean reflects on her Catholic upbringing and how religion was the dominant factor in her life.

Father Joseph, a Canadian Priest in recovery, helps others to recover and stay sober.

About Guest House


Our Mission is to provide the information, education, treatment and care needed to assure that clergy, men and women religious, and seminarians suffering from alcoholism, addictions and other behavioral health conditions have the best opportunity for quality recovery and overall health and wellness.


Guest House has been fulfilling this mission since 1956. Since that time Guest House has treated more than 8,000 Catholic priests, deacons, seminarians and men & women religious.

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Weakness to Strength

Weakness to Strength

Have I acknowledged and accepted my weakness over alcohol? Answering this question honestly is crucial to my recovery from alcoholism. It is the very first step on the road to recovery.

For some of us, this was possibly the most difficult thing we have had to face in our life. Who wants to admit defeat? Yet, who wants to stay miserable and lose everything in his life? The choice is ours to make and those of us who have “taken the road less traveled” now know a wonderful way of living – living life soberly.

The Lord Jesus we must remember has given us a great promise, namely, “my grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness.” We have taken His word literally and have found that if we rely on Him and His grace our weakness with drug alcohol is arrested. Daily we turn to Him and ask His grace for one more day of sobriety. Then we go on about our day, looking to be of service to others. It works!

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