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Archbishop Joseph Tobin reflects on why Guest House is by far the best addiction treatment for clergy and men and women religious.

In this video a Catholic Priest with extensive Behavioral Health professional training talks about his very first drink as a young man, his early alcohol use, alcohol abuse and progression into full blown alcoholism.

Sr. Jean reflects on her Catholic upbringing and how religion was the dominant factor in her life.

Father Joseph, a Canadian Priest in recovery, helps others to recover and stay sober.

About Guest House


Our Mission is to provide the information, education, treatment and care needed to assure that clergy, men and women religious, and seminarians suffering from alcoholism, addictions and other behavioral health conditions have the best opportunity for quality recovery and overall health and wellness.


Guest House has been fulfilling this mission since 1956. Since that time Guest House has treated more than 8,000 Catholic priests, deacons, seminarians and men & women religious.

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Guest House Daily Reflection

When Jesus calls Matthew, the tax collector, to follow Him, He says, “I love you as you are.” This vote of confidence makes it possible for Matthew to see the best in himself; to leave everything; and, to follow Jesus. Do I believe that God loves me just as I am... read more


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  1. 40th Annual Men’s Retreat

    April 4 @ 3:00 pm - April 7 @ 12:00 pm
  2. Walking with the Wounded

    May 11 @ 8:30 am - May 13 @ 3:00 pm
  3. 2nd Annual Guest House Run Over Addiction 5k Run/Walk

    May 21 @ 8:30 am - 12:00 pm
  4. Walking with the Wounded

    June 1 @ 8:30 am - June 3 @ 3:00 pm

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The reading is from the Book of Wisdom.

Lord, our God, compared to you the whole universe is no more than a grain of sand, a drop of morning dew. You have power enough to do anything. Yet what you do is show loving kindness. You don’t rant and rave at our sins. No, you overlook them so we’ll do better. You love everything. You don’t hate anything that you made. If you didn’t like it, you wouldn’t have made it in the first place. You treat us tenderly because we are yours, and you love us. Your spirit is alive in us.


  • The reading talks about kindness and forgiveness. Which is easier – to be kind to strangers or to my family, friends and significant others?
  • The reading says, “You treat us tenderly because we are yours, and you love us.” Can I treat others with love as I would like to be treated? Can I forgive, as I would like to be forgiven?
  • What is it that prevents me from having a tender heart as that of Jesus?


Lord, God,

you treat us tenderly because we are yours,

and you love us.

Your spirit is alive in us. Teach us to love each other with your tenderness

so that we each may allow

your spirit to grow within us. Amen


  • Lent is not about enduring some miserable discipline that we quickly forget about at Easter and then go on with our lives as before. Lent is about “Springtime” within us, rediscovering the life of Christ within us
  • Give particular attention to that part of yourself that you want Christ to change and transform with your help.
  • Lent is about fasting and feasting. And so –
  • Fast from the darkness around us, feast on the light of Christ
  • Fast from discontent, feast on gratitude
  • Say a prayer for all the members of our Guest House community

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