Inter-Congregational Addiction Program (ICAP) Retreats for Women Religious

Inter-Congregational Addiction Program Twelve-Step Retreats for Women Religious

June 28-July 4, 2020
Carmelite Spiritual Center
Darien, Illinois

August 2-8, 2020
Guest House
Lake Orion, Michigan

Guest House is pleased to support the ICAP program.

Retreats for Women Religious – Details

The Inter-Congregational Addiction Program (ICAP) is offering two sessions of week-long 12-Step retreats for women religious in the summer of 2019. These “interactive” retreats are based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and are intended for women religious who have been “working a program” of 12-Step recovery for at least six months. The purpose of these retreats is to strengthen recovery through the sharing of experience, strength and hope with other women religious in recovery. Opportunities may include the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Eucharist or non-liturgical group prayer, massage therapy by certified therapists, and walking. Retreatants have private
rooms, and the meals accommodate special nutritional needs.

The cost for the week-long retreat, including meals and overnight accommodations, is $415 for the Darien, Illinois, retreat facility and $350 for the Lake Orion, Michigan, facility; scholarships are available based on request. Make checks or money orders payable to Education and Intervention, Inc.

You may contact ICAP founders Sr. Letitia Close and Sr. Mary Gene Kinney with questions.
Sr. Letty Close
Sr. Mary Gene Kinney

Education & Intervention, Inc., 7777 Lake St., Suite 115, River Forest, IL 60305-1734.

ICAP is a network of recovering addicted women in religious orders. It helps Roman Catholic women who are members of religious orders and are alcohol or chemically dependent, compulsive eaters, compulsive gamblers, etc. In addition to its summer retreats, ICAP networks Sisters through information, referrals, assistance in meeting other members, telephone support, and email support.

Visit for more information about ICAP.

 Guest House
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ICAP Retreat for Women Religious

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ICAP Retreat for Women Religious

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