Members of Guest House staff and men’s advisory board at the USCCB fall general assembly

In November, Guest House was honored to support the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) at the USCCB annual fall general assembly in Baltimore, Maryland, by sponsoring one of the assembly luncheons. During the lunch, Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron of Detroit spoke briefly about the healing mission of Guest House and his gratitude for our continued work with clergy and religious – providing hope and assurance that God wants His shepherds to be healed and to thrive. Over 270 bishops and support staff were present to hear the archbishop’s message.

Several Guest House staff members were on hand at the assembly: Jeff Henrich, president and CEO; Deacon Chris Stark, outreach director; Rev. Mark Stelzer, education director; and Colleen Richards, education and alumni administrator. The staff were joined by two advisory board members: Rev. Robert Hart and Rev. Donald Hummel. Together, they had the privilege to greet and thank the bishops for their work and the support they offer Guest House.

Following the luncheon, Jeff Henrich and Deacon Chris Stark were interviewed by Kevin Nelson from Catholic TV. We always welcome the opportunity to share our healing ministry, and we are especially grateful for the opportunity to potentially reach millions of Catholic TV viewers throughout the country and world.

Watch the new Guest House video!

Video Production
In May of this year, Guest House staff agreed there was a need for a multi-media presentation that would share the story of our work – our ministry. We knew the video could not offer an in-depth look at the treatment process or the day-to-day operations, but we did want it to give witness to our healing ministry, the results of treatment and the joy of recovery. According to Rev. Mark Stelzer, SThD, Guest House director of education, “The video offers leadership and lay people information and education regarding the treatment center experience so that when a priest leaves a parish for treatment, concern and confusion can be allayed.”

Following an extensive search for a compatible and competent vendor to produce the project, we signed a contract with NewGroup Media from South Bend, Indiana, and it was a fantastic decision. We met and discussed ideas, and the vision of our “identity video” emerged. Jeff Henrich, Guest House president and chief executive officer, explains, “We decided to share the good work of Guest House through the journeys of a few of our alumni, including clarifying information relayed by staff members. Our focus is that we return God’s consecrated and ordained to their ministries.

The project involved a wonderful collaboration with NewGroup Media in South Bend, Indiana. “Following an extensive search, we signed a contract with NewGroup Media, and they made the entire project a meaningful experience. It included six days of filming in five locations, and the light of God’s healing grace was always with us. Everything Guest House does is a team effort, and the video production was a powerful example of that truth,” shares Doris Brandt, Guest House marketing and communications director. Everyone involved in the process gained deeper understanding of the “reach” of Guest House – the impact of our ministry.

We know God blesses our ministry and guides us. We believe Guest House shines as a beacon for others, and it takes all of our family to keep the light shining. You are cordially invited to open your eyes, minds and hearts and take in our special 16-minute message – a message that shares the healing ministry of Guest House. We think you will be glad you did. The video can be found on our website homepage or with a direct link:

Written by Guest House Staff Writer