Guest House is involved in a collaborative effort in the Ukraine to help clergy who struggle with alcohol problems. Transfiguration House, a small treatment center in Western Ukraine (Lviv-Rudno), recently opened under the auspices of the Ukrainian Catholic Church.

Yury Tarnavskyj is the administrator at Transfiguration House and has been working closely with Jeff Henrich, Guest House president and CEO, and Rev. Mark Stelzer, Guest House education director. There are currently four priests in treatment; and in early September, the first retreat for clergy in recovery was a success with five clergy joining two staff members.

One plan for the clients in treatment is to offer them an opportunity to meet once or twice a week for one hour with clergy in recovery from the US and Canada. Yury is appealing to Guest House alumni who may be willing to meet on Skype to share their experience, strength and hope with brother priests and monks in the Ukraine. The commitment could be once each month, once every two months or at an interval convenient to the alum. The staff and clients at Transfiguration House would be appreciative of all support.

If you have any questions for Jeff or Fr. Mark, please feel welcome to contact them:
Jeff Henrich,, 248-393-8913
Rev. Mark Stelzer,, 248-393-8938

You may contact Yury Tarnavskyj directly at, and his Skype address is yury.tarnavskyj.

The Guest House family is excited about this collaboration which takes some of the healing found at Guest House to places as far as the Ukraine. It helps reaffirm our ministry, knowing that treatment works and recovery is possible for everyone.