The passageways on the Guest House grounds are symbolic of the transitions throughout the journey of recovery.

Intervention comes from the Latin word intervenire, which means to come between or interrupt. Generally, an intervention is intended to make things better. It happens when compassionate people feel help is needed to bring awareness of a concern to another person.

The word intervene means to become involved in a difficult situation in order to change it, improve it or prevent it from getting worse. An intervention may be an attempt by a group of superiors, friends and/or family to identify an issue and persuade a person to address it and seek professional assistance.

At Guest House we define an intervention as a group of caring people who, after being properly trained and coached, gather together out of unconditional love for another person. They share in a calm manner what they have observed in the person’s behavior that seems to be out of character. The group meets with a definitive plan on how to approach the situation. Designed to encourage someone to get started on the recovery journey, the intervention is a purposeful beginning.

The goal of such an intervention is to help the priest, deacon, brother, sister or seminarian. The first step toward healing and recovery is agreeing to seek help and participate in an assessment. This action requires considerable courage and is necessary for recovery to begin. Staff at Guest House are equipped to train others in the intervention process and facilitate intervention when necessary.

An intervention can occur at any point of a person’s addiction, but the earlier in the disease, the better. Guest House offers the following services as part of our intervention assistance program, helping every step of the way:

  • Consultation, including assisting in the information gathering and preparation stage (on-site, as needed)
  • Telephone contact and support throughout the process
  • Personnel support during the actual intervention, as needed
  • Professional evaluation in an appropriate clinical setting
  • Recommendation of treatment options and/or escort to another professional treatment facility

Books authored by Jeff and/or Debra Jay

Jeff Henrich, Guest House president and chief executive officer, has extensive professional experience with addiction treatment and recovery and a long history with the Guest House ministry. As a licensed alcohol and drug counselor, he has been directly involved in many interventions and offers this sound direction: “I always recommend Jeff and Debra Jay’s website and book Love First. It is the definitive reference on intervention and is helpful to everyone involved. The Jays share the message that intervention gives love direction.”

If you know someone who may need an intervention or who is ready to engage in an assessment, we urge you to contact us now. Guest House has fully trained intervention specialists who, at no cost, will provide the training and expertise required for a successful intervention and follow up. Please contact us any time with your questions or concerns:
Jeff Henrich, President and CEO,, 248-393-8913
Mary Ellen Merrick, IHM, Executive Director,, 248-391-3100

Written by Guest House Staff Writer