Hand-in-hand with the Guest House mission of overall health and wellness is the concept of human development. Guest House publishes a quarterly journal entitled, Human Development. The journal seeks to offer a “confluence” or merging of spirituality and psychology, addressing life issues and providing relevant reading for Christians across the board.

There is a “long” history of Human Development. The journal was the brain-child of the late Jesuit Psychiatrist Fr. James Gill. Thirty-seven years ago, from his therapy with clergy and religious, he recognized the need for a resource to help priests and religious, especially those in leadership or in formation ministry. He witnessed many of his clients trying valiantly to be “spiritually integrated” but were facing difficulties because they were “underdeveloped” as human beings.

After Fr. Gill’s death in 2003, the Jesuit community continued the mission; but in 2013, they wanted to hand over the periodical or simply declare the mission fulfilled. Guest House saw possibilities and resonance with their mission; Guest House not only attends to priests and religious in times of crisis but seeks to help people develop awareness and skills in a preventive manner. For the last two years, Msgr. Zenz of the Archdiocese of Detroit has coordinated all editorial functions and has given this quarterly journal new energy and vitality.

Each issue has a theme with articles penned by world-class authors, theologians and psychologists, priests, religious and lay – all with expertise in various fields of human development. The articles examine various aspects of the themes. Recent issues have addressed power, mercy, the environment, God’s Providence, the Beatitudes, health of body and spirit, and freedom. Coming issues will address community (saved together), living with ambiguity, and meaningful conversations. A sampling of authors includes Timothy Radcliffe, OP; Dr. Susan Muto; Thomas Keating, OSCO; Bishops Robert Morneau and Richard Sklba; Dennis Billy, CSsR; Ilia Delio, OSF; Howard Gray, SJ; Joyce Rupp, OSM; Dianne Bergant, CSA; and Donald Senior, CP. We believe you, your colleagues and your personnel will find them beneficial in your roles in the Church as well as in your personal lives.

The journal is available in digital or print form at HDMag.org. Gift options are also available. Additional information may be found in the Human Development Brochure on the Human Development website. If you have any questions, contact Colleen Richards at crichards@guesthouse.org or 248-393-8994 or Doris Brandt at dorisb@guesthouse.org or 248-393-8935.

Give it a try! You will find meaningful insights in the journal.

Written by Guest House Staff Writer