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Steps Six and Seven – Divine Inspiration

Following the heavy work and action involved in Steps Four and Five, Steps Six and Seven fall again on the early Steps of believing in a power greater than ourselves and turning our will and lives over to God. It is important to keep in mind that these Steps state...

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Steps Four and Five – Take Action

Though there is a succession of the Steps, an individual may find a need to return to Steps One through Three at various times, and it is encouraged. One sister said, “The Step I keep coming back to again and again is Step One. I am coming to recognize that I am truly...

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Meeting Spiritual Needs at Guest House

Guest House is blessed to have a full-time chaplain serving the spiritual needs of the priests, deacons, brothers, sisters, staff and leadership. Rev. George Hazler, IVD, joined the Guest House team in 2012, and he provides spiritual nourishment in our healing...

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Steps One, Two and Three – The Movement

“The early Steps helped me to trust God, and now I can let the Holy Spirit guide me as I reflect throughout the days. I really needed to develop that deeper trust,” offered an alumna following a recent Women’s Retreat. Step One of AA reads, “We admitted we were...

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