photo - Br. Hittle post

The Lord Jesus is risen. Has this fact come home to you more fully this Easter season?  Either we are convicted of this truth or we go on without purpose in life.  From the truth of Jesus’ resurrection hangs all of Christianity.  Without this rising we are indeed hopeless people.

After Jesus appeared to his mother, other women followers and his disciples He assured them that His existence was real.  Talking and eating with them only confirmed this fact.  And, further, He said He would be going to His Father and would send the Holy Spirit to be with us until the end of the world.  This statement should give us a real jolt to call upon Him through the power of His Holy Spirit to lead and guide us.  It is only in this way that we will experience true joy and true peace in our lives.  Experiencing this, we can move through our day settled, centered and happy to be of help to anyone who crosses our path.

Lord Jesus I firmly believe in You.  I believe You are present to me right now.  Lead me and guide me as You wish through this day.  All glory and honor be Yours.   Amen.