Each of us has a natural tendency to tear the past into little pieces

in order to prepare the future. Without realizing it,

few are interested in the present moment,

in exploiting its strengths and its energies.

 We utilize the present more for crying over our trials, our errors,

the hard knocks not digested, or reawakening bad memories

for preparing our daily portion of unhappiness.

Too often we exploit the present for tarnishing and spoiling the future.

To live the present moment, intensely demands serious motivation

and constant attention to what is happening inside of us,

to what we want to accomplish today,

to what we are living in the hidden depths of our being.

 The person who wants to succeed, whoever they may be,

must free themselves

from all depressing and troubling thoughts from the past.

They must forget their bad experiences and their failures

whether real or exaggerated.

A life liberated from the past and future

is truly a heaven where each one is peaceful and enveloped in happiness.

(Fr. Louis Marie Parent, OMI)

 The Lord is Risen and with us in the present moment. Alleluia. Alleluia.

Happy Easter!