On Tuesday, February 3, 2015, we celebrated the feast of St. Blaise. And besides our throats and allied ailments, we hear in the Gospel about the healing we can receive by simply reaching out to The Lord in our prayer today.

There was a woman in the area who had been afflicted with a hemorrhage for a dozen years. She had received treatment at the hands of doctors of every sort and exhausted her savings in the process, yet she got no relief; on the contrary, she only grew worse. She had heard about Jesus and came up behind him in the crowd and put her hand to his cloak. If I just touch his clothing, she thought, I shall get well. Immediately her flow of blood dried up and the feeling that she was cured of her affliction ran through her whole body.”              Mark 5:25-30

All of us need healing from something and what a great bit of news it is that all we need to do is reach out to Jesus today. This presupposes that we have faith and trust in Him. If we do than take the initiative today to ask Jesus humbly and confidently for healing from what ails us.

We know from the removal of our obsession to alcohol that The Lord can indeed do marvelous and mighty things in us. In our pit of alcoholism we had no one else who could heal us from this disease. Since He has indeed performed this miracle in us, why can’t He also remove any other ailment we have today? We must remember, however, that sometimes The Lord answers our prayer by another means. He just may not want to remove another ailment we have in order to keep us humble and dependent on Him. At the same time, He will let us know that He is with us, supporting us and giving us courage and strength to face today and what it has in store for us. We must gratefully accept what The Lord gives us and asks of us today. Doing so, we will be in His loving care and be unafraid.