How is life without drug alcohol? How do I do this? Is there life after I quit drinking? How am I going to hold life together if I give up drinking? These are some of the questions that come to the mind of the alcoholic who has reached the bottom of his/her drinking career. And they are good questions.

             When one has finally reached the bottom there is no place to go but up. And “up” is the direction of Alcoholics Anonymous and “up” is the direction an alcoholic must go, lest life is over suddenly for him or her.

             In the scripture we hear Jesus calling “come after me.” For the sick and lonely alcoholic His message is timidly heard. But how to do this following when one’s whole life has been consumed by alcohol?

             The alcoholic must arrive at this point by himself, perhaps attracted by someone he knows who is recovering from alcoholism and imbedded in the program of AA. If this fellow wishes to find out how to get a hold of his alcoholism, he must walk into an AA room. There he will find that it is imperative for him to make a decision. And that decision is to let God into his

 life – totally and without reservation. Once he has done this he can expect a miracle. The miracle may happen slowly or it might come suddenly but it will surely come. If he looks at the people around the AA table and sees their contentedness, peacefulness and joy of spirit, he will undoubtedly want the same for himself.

             The secret for recovery from alcoholism is simply found in God. When Jesus said “Come follow Me” He meant it. This is the only way out of the bog of alcoholism. This is the only way to live a purposeful, meaningful and joyous life.