For this second week in Ordinary Time, we take our cue from the Gospel of John which we heard on Sunday, January 18, 2015. In this section of John’s Gospel we see Jesus with two of his disciples following Him. Jesus asked, “what are you looking for?” and the two disciples said “where are you staying?” Jesus said to them, “Come, and you will see.”   [John 1:35-42] 

It is easy to transfer this scene directly to AA. First of all, there are some alcoholics who become totally alone in their drinking. Others develop a sort of pseudo relationship with drinking buddies. Whatever the case, once we dry out we realize that relationships are extremely important for us in sobriety. We cannot do without relationships, deep and personal and all-caring. These relationships fasten us to other humans who help us in our staying sober. It cannot be overstated how crucial these friends are to us.

             Then there is the transfer of light, health and wholeness to one another in AA. Every time we enter a room full of AA members we get a vivide glimpse of the happiness that recovering alcoholics enjoy. They simply exude The Lord’s words in Sunday’s Gospel, “Come and See” where and how I live today. The marked difference that we see and witness in the newcomer to AA and the one who has been sober for years is astounding. The newcomer, even with partial brain functioning, cannot help but be impressed with the joyful presence he witnesses around the AA table. Even if someone there doesn’t speak it out loud, our very presence says to the newcomer, “Come and See” how to live a new and meaningful life. Stay with us. We will take care of you.