With the arrival of summer, many of us may now have more time to reflect on life.  How am I doing with regard to fully living the AA principles?  It is always good to seek a quiet place where one can be somewhat removed from outside distractions to examine my relationship with God.  How does His Spirit inform my life today?  That is a deep and probing question which requires time in prayer.

As we move toward Pentecost, one week away, the idea and promise of the Holy Spirit taking over more and more of our lives is urgent for each of us.  We know full well that God’s Spirit resides in each of us – else we would not be alive!  But we also know that the awareness of His Spirit in us and all of our actions need to be refreshed and refocused.  

This now is the time to ask earnestly to have the Holy Spirit overpower us.   Doing so, I assure you, will produce results beyond your imagination!

Prayer:   Come, Holy Spirit, and enkindle within us the fire of Your love.  Send forth Your Spirit and we shall be recreated.   Amen.