The beautiful and dramatic story of the encounter with the risen Jesus on the road to Emmaus was highlighted in today’s Gospel.  It has to be one of the most beautiful moments that we can easily experience by dwelling on this event during this week.

It is surprising that the two disciples did not recognize The Lord when He joined them on their journey to Emmaus.  They were forlorn to say the least as they had placed all their hope that He would save their homeland and bring a new era of peace to their land.  Then He was crucified and their hopes were dashed.  Which brings us to the question:  Do I recognize The Lord in my life and in others?  This honest look at myself will be helpful in my prayer this week.

As Jesus accompanied these two disciples on the road, He explained the prophecies from their ancient texts that referred to Him.  We are told that these two disciples listened closely and that their hearts were burning within them as Jesus explained how these prophecies applied to Him.  Turning this week to reading Scripture a bit more and pondering what I read in prayer would give me a more meaningful life this week.  Time allotted to this is not that important.  Simply set aside whatever time you can give to reading Scripture each day this week.

“They recognized Him in the breaking of the Bread.”  What a beautiful and homelike scene this must have been.  The two disciples were suddenly “awakened” as to just who this was and their hearts glowed with warmth and joy.

This brings up this thought to us in our program of recovery.  How do I “break bread” with those others in recovery and, indeed, all people I encounter in my life.  Do I share my bread of attentiveness to them and their lives; do I share my bread of compassion, my bread of empathy, my bread of generosity, my bread of presence with others?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could answer a resounding “yes” to all!  Living the life of full recovery in gratitude to God, living the life of His spirit abiding in me empowers me to do just this with the “bread” He has given me.

Let me strive to live this way today.  I bet I will find a new degree of happiness and joy of living doing so.