“Let us go off by ourselves to some place where we will be alone and you can rest a while.”  Mark 6:31

From our earliest years we have been taught and know intuitively that God is everywhere.  But for me, there is a special place I go to every day where I can be alone with my God.  It has become a wonderful sacred space where I can fully be myself and fully present to my God.

My guess is that others have a prayer space they have set apart for their interchange with their God.  It does seem natural and it does seem a very necessary component in life, amid all the ups and downs of our journey.

Rabbi David Wolpe tells the story of a rabbi’s child who used to stray off into the forest.  At first his father let him stray.  But when it got to be a regular routine, the father grew concerned.  What was his child doing there?  Besides, the forest was dangerous.  One day he asked the child, ‘Why do you go into the forest each day?’  The child said, ‘I go to find God.’  The father responded, ‘That’s a wonderful thing to do, my child.  And I’m pleased you search for God.  But, my child, you should realize that God is the same everywhere.’  The child answered, ‘I know that, Father; but I am not the same everywhere.”

What is the child’s point?  Where do I find God most easily?

When recovery perhaps becomes tedious, challenging or disappointing, it is then that I need to move to my “sacred space” and, with my God, find solace, peace and serenity.