Jesus’ preaching and His miracles were the trumpets of a new era.  They were the “signs” of a new day.  Jesus healed the blind, but behind this miracle was a deeper meaning.  It was a “sign” to all people to open their eyes to His works.  Jesus opened the ears of the deaf.  It, too, was a “sign” to all people to open their ears to His words.  Jesus forgave sinners.  Again, His forgiveness was a “sign” to all people to turn from sin and begin living new lives.

Jesus set in motion the “Kingdom of God.”  And what was this kingdom?  It was a new era in which love would replace indifference, light would replace darkness, and life would replace death.  But the “Kingdom of Satan” would not yield to the “Kingdom of God” without a battle.  It is this battle that we focus on during Lent.

Fast from bitterness;

Feast on kindness.

Fast from impatience;

Feast on calmness.

Fast from laziness;

Feast on diligence.