Guest House is recognized as the premier provider of residential, behavioral health and addiction treatment services exclusively for Catholic clergy and religious.  Today, Guest House announced that in 2014 it will consolidate all treatment to state-of-the-art, gender-specific facilities on its campus in Lake Orion, Michigan.

Upon completion of new construction, male clients (priests, deacons, seminarians and other religious) will be transferred from the Guest House Center in Rochester, Minnesota to be treated at Lake Orion on the modernized campus, featuring new clinical and residential facilities.

Denise Bertin-Epp, President and Chief Executive Officer of Guest House, announced the plan, “We continually provide innovative advancements in residential behavioral health treatment and after-care follow-up.

“Savings achieved by offering inpatient programs at a single Michigan campus,” she added, “will also help us to continue our tradition of never turning away a priest or religious in need of lifesaving treatment, regardless of their ability to cover the cost of their rehabilitation.”

Ms. Bertin-Epp emphasized, “Every action is being taken to enhance our mission principles of superior gender-specific facilities and programs for clergy and male religious, and women religious.”

She continued, “Our Board of Trustees has discerned about this course of action for several years.  The increasingly competitive environment for Catholic clergy, male religious, and women religious residential treatment services, combined with the aging of the majority of the client base in North America, makes this decision supportive to the long-term stability of our mission.”

The first key strategic phase is the construction of the new residential facilities, and the modernization of treatment facilities at Lake Orion.

Ms. Bertin-Epp concluded, “These moves will secure our successful long term mission at Guest House on our founding campus.  “This is an exciting time for us and, I believe, for those whom God grants us the opportunity to serve.”