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I am very pleased to announce the opening of The Damascus Program, a compulsive eating treatment program for clergy and male religious at Guest House.  The Damascus program is an effective way to get overweight and obese priests and male religious, back on the road to robust health and ministry.

Responding to many requests from leadership in dioceses and religious orders for a program to help men with significant over weight and obese issues the clinical staff has developed a holistic program of recovery.

Created by physicians and other healthcare professionals, and backed by extensive scientific data, this is a decision-free program that is widely recognized for successful outcomes. Each program offers a highly structured, easy-to-follow diet that emphasizes healthy eating habits and fast, long-lasting weight loss. It is ideal for anyone wanting to lose weight and become healthier, including those with diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and other medical conditions.

We have had a successful pilot program in existence for over eighteen months for clergy and have had ten years of evidence based success with women religious. The Damascus Program, designed especially for priests and male religious takes into account the different dietary needs, motivations, triggers and metabolisms of men.  In addition to being clinically effective for weight and health management, the program is cost effective, too. In fact, participants often report saving money when the principles are incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. Utilizing weight-loss foods to lose weight can actually reduce the overall food budget, and the savings from reduced medications can add up. Participants save money, improve their quality of life, and feel better!

The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy module utilized to structure the “in-house” component of the program includes:

*Daily Journal     *Charts     *Cost Analysis of Eating Chart

*Monitoring and scaled progress report     *Workbooks

Most people struggle with losing weight and keeping it off because no one ever taught them how. It’s not just a matter of willpower and a healthy eating plan. To be successful, one has to learn a set of cognitive (thinking) and behavioral skills. Other weight-loss programs assume that dieters know how to keep themselves from cheating. Guest House respects that dieters are human; we expect mistakes and this unique program teaches dieters exactly what to do immediately following mistakes, and how to solve problems and prevent mistakes in the future.

For more information on the program or to schedule an admission contact

Joseph Shoots, MA, LLP, CAADC

Executive Director, Men’s Program
Phone: 800-444-3257 or text HEAL to 91011



Joseph Shoots

Executive Director, Men’s Program