Reflection for May 13, 2013

With today’s Gospel from St. John, we come to the end of what is called the “farewell discourse of Jesus.”  Jesus gives us his final word about our future in this world:  “I have told you all this so that you might have peace in me . . . take courage since I have conquered the world.”   (John 16:29-33)

In AA we often say that we will be delivered from our obsession to alcohol if we seek God and trust in Him alone.  This, of course, has to be more than just mouthing words.  It has to be rooted deep within our heart that God and His Spirit dwells within us.  Calling upon that Spirit throughout this day, we will be led rightly.

A neat summary of AA principles to live by would be:  Trust God, clean house (that is my soul) and help others.  If we are with our God today then it will be rather easy to do these things.  Try it.  You’ll be amazed today!

Prayer:   Lord Jesus, open my heart to Your Holy Spirit.  Guide my every thought, word and deed this day for Your greater honor and glory.   Amen.

These thoughts offered by Brother Richard Hittle, S.J., a grateful 1980 graduate of Guest House and an employee since 2004.